How It Works…

  1. Create your auction. Your auction name will become your personalized URL, so make sure your auctions name is easy to remember and spell.  (example:  auction name, Emerald County Fire Department.  Your URL is going to be;


  1. Upload your auction items.   Items can be uploaded simply through any personal device. Simply snap a picture of your auction item and input the details. Items need to include images, description and MSRP. Picture uploads will depend on the quality of the picture, your internet connection and the processing power of your personal device.


  1. Print your instruction page. We create and email a ready to print document with instructions for bidders, including a personalized QR code, for the convenience of your attendees.


  1. Launch your auction. You have complete control over your auction.  Including start, stop and pausing your auction.  Once your auction is ended you will have access to immediate winner results.


  1. Deliver your items. Once the auction is closed, all winners will receive an email, directing them to their winner’s page.  Winners will have a “Pay Now” link that will allow them to pay for the item(s).  Once they pay for their item, they will need to show you their receipt to pick up their item.  You will be able to see all statistics relating to your auction.  Including those who have paid.


  1. No upfront costs.  Our fee is 8% of the total revenue generated from the auction, collected after your event. This fee includes all credit card processing fees.  No volunteers need to charge their personal credit cards to use our service.