Pros of Silent/Blind Auctions

  • Complete privacy for your bidders.  Only administration will know what was bid on and how much was bid.


  • Maximize your auctions potential.  Bidders will hit their highest amount willing to be payed per item, instead of incrementing your auction items by $5 or $10.  Other bidders will not know if they are being out bid on an item so they will tend to bid higher.


  • Little to no interference or distractions from your message or cause.  During normal auctions individuals will continuously go back to an item at the auction table, to check the status of auction items.  Even during regular electronic auctions the bidders will continuously look at their electronic devices during your events presentation, to ensure their win.  However, with our system there is no “double checking” to ensure they are the highest bidder.  They can submit as many bids as they want while the auction is live, but they will not know if others are outbidding them, so on average, bidders will bid higher than normal with our system while you get your message out there with little to no distractions.


  • Individual’s will bid on more auction items.  Instead of walking around the room and only having 2 or 3 items they keep checking on, with our easy, simple, clean, system bidders will bid on more auction items.


  • Reach a larger audience. Start your auctions sooner, let them run longer and reach people who could not attend your event.  With our system, your bidders do not need to be in attendance, they can bid from the comfort of their own home.


  • You have complete control of your auction. You can start and stop your auction anytime. Use the auction to get the word out and advertise your event.  Let the auctions run through your event time or end it prior to starting your event.


  • Instant results.  You can announce, collect your donation and deliver the auction item, all at the event.  No more trying to “catch” the winner’s days after your auction, to collect payment and deliver the item.  Take care of it all at the event, there is no more hassle to collecting afterwards.  With our easy, streamlined process you will no longer need to be comparing paper, sorting through entries or worried about delivery.  Let your volunteers relax and enjoy!


  • Easy payment processing. We eliminate the long lines of winners, trying to collect their items before they leave your event.  With our easy online processing, they show you a receipt on their phone and pick up their item.